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Make Model Engine Power HW SW ECU Size Price Download Details
VWPassat1.6TDI77.2KW03L906023FSSM2G0LK000000Siemens2048 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.6TDI77.2KW03L906023FSSM2G0M0000000Siemens2048 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.6TDI77KW03L906023GLSM2G0P2000000Siemens Continental2048 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.6TDI77KWSM2F0G4000000SiemensContinental2048 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.6TDI77KWSM2G0M0000000Siemens Continental2048 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.6TDIN/ASM2F0L9500000Siemens Continental2048 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.674KW5WP40035S348038000000Siemens512 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.674KW5WP43311S347032000000Siemens512 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.678KW02612045021037357462Bosch128 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8TFSI117.7KW02612015371037391697Bosch2048 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8TFSI117.7KW02612015371037393905Bosch256 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8TFSI117.7KW02612015371037396601Bosch1504 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8TFSI117.7KW02612019501037396605Bosch256 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8TFSI117.7KW0261S055501037501343Bosch1504 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8TSI117.7KW02612015371037391697Bosch256 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8T110.3KW02612015371037393905Bosch2048 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8T110.3KW02612041851037357482Bosch128 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8T110.3KW02612060471037350299Bosch512 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8T110.3KW02612064531037352151Bosch512 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8T110.3KW02612064531037352321Bosch512 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8T110.3KW02612068711037354009Bosch1024 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8T110.3KW02612068841037354802Bosch1024 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8T110.3KW02612072151037360100Bosch1024 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8T110.3KW02612076361037362358Bosch1024 kB9.50 €
VWPassat1.8T110.3KW02612079281037363930Bosch1024 kB9.50 €


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What do i download for 14.00€ ?

1. Files (ZIP)› 7777 original bin files (800mb original ECU dumps/bins), and are not the same as on the website list, which files you will get exactly, check here: Original files report

2. Files list (PDF) › You will get pdf list of all those files that you got.

3. Database ECU LIST (XLS) › Database ecu excel list, the same data as on the website and not the same as zip content, this file has nothing to do with original files!.

Original files will be downloaded by link to which you will be redirected after payment, so pay attention to click it and wait until 800mb zip file is completely transferred and that you have good Internet connection.You have one download chance, after one download link won't work any more. Database ecu excel list and zip content pdf report (what is inside the zip file), will be sent via email as attachment.

Content of your download:
1. 7777 original files (download link after payment)
2. PDF report - list of original files that you bought (email attachment)
3. Database ecu excel list - the same list as content of the complete web page (email attachment) - that has nothing to do with 7777 original files.

Once you download original files and also website database list excel, you can not get your money back - no refund is available.


OK, I understand