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Make Model Engine Power HW SW ECU Size Price Download Details
Mazda21.6TDCI80.9KW1037400536Bosch2048 kB6.50 €
Mazda31.6CDTIN/A1037377380Bosch1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda31.6TDCI80.2KW1037382744Bosch2048 kB6.50 €
Mazda31.6TDCI80.9KW02810115341037370517Bosch1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda31.6TDCI80.9KW1037379069Bosch2048 kB6.50 €
Mazda31.6TDCI80KW1037382490Bosch1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda32.0MZR CD105.2KWGB0DRF8BT1DADenso1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda52.0CD81KWRFAP18881RFAPE0000.HEXDENSO1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda52.0TDCI81KWRFAP18881SW RFAPE0000 HEXDenso1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda6262.0MZR CD103KWGC08RF8GT18ADenso1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.0CDTIN/ARF7K18881DRF7KED000Denso1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.0CDTIN/ARF7K18881VRF7KEW000Denso1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.0TDCI103KWRF8G 18881 KRF8G 18881 HDenso1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.0TDCI105KWRFYG18881G40PRFYGT3PADenso1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.0TDCI110.3KWGC06RF8GT16ADenso1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.0TDCI98KWG40LRF7JT3LADenso1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.0100KWRF5CED000RF5CE2B3Denso256 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.088.3KWRF5DEC000RF5DE1D1Denso256 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.088.3KWRF5EEA000RF5EE1D0Denso256 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.088.3KWRF5GED000J16LE2B1Denso256 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.088.3KWRF5PEB010RF5PF7A0Denso512 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.0MZR CD103KWG50PRFAPT3PADenso1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.0MZR CD103KWGC09RF8GT19ADenso1024 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.2SKYACTIV D110.3KWGM1WSH1RT38ADenso2176 kB6.50 €
Mazda62.3MZR DISIMPS191.2KWDenso1024 kB6.50 €

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What do i download for 14.00€ ?

1. Files (ZIP)› 7777 original bin files (800mb original ECU dumps/bins), and are not the same as on the website list, which files you will get exactly, check here: Original files report

2. Files list (PDF) › You will get pdf list of all those files that you got.

3. Database ECU LIST (XLS) › Database ecu excel list, the same data as on the website and not the same as zip content, this file has nothing to do with original files!.

Original files will be downloaded by link to which you will be redirected after payment, so pay attention to click it and wait until 800mb zip file is completely transferred and that you have good Internet connection.You have one download chance, after one download link won't work any more. Database ecu excel list and zip content pdf report (what is inside the zip file), will be sent via email as attachment.

Content of your download:
1. 7777 original files (download link after payment)
2. PDF report - list of original files that you bought (email attachment)
3. Database ecu excel list - the same list as content of the complete web page (email attachment) - that has nothing to do with 7777 original files.

Once you download original files and also website database list excel, you can not get your money back - no refund is available.


OK, I understand